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SNOG, meaning 'sound, no gender', primarily questions gender within electronic music and sound art. Conceptually, SNOG's feminist manifesto is to promote gender equality in artistic and technological exploration, focusing on participation and gender-inclusive design. Though the use of a DIY makers kit and workshops, SNOG's participants are encouraged to explore ways to craft with electronics and create a synthesiser to provoke gender scripts and sex-role stereotypes.

SNOG is a concept developed in collaboration with indie-pop artist, Erika. By facilitating ways to interact and craft with electronics in music and sound art practices, we hope to empower and educate more people to feel confident to use and experiment with technology in music making, through hand craft techniques and electronic textiles.

SNOG was launched at Always the Sun Festival, Guildford in September 2016 and has since held a workshop as a part of the Synth Punk Festival at the DIY Space for London in October 2016.

Erika and Jaca sewing circuits at the Synth Punk Festival, DIY Space for London 22/10/16

Below is a demo of a SNOG synth. By playing with the two conductive knitted cords, your body completes the synthesiser circuit. The harder you squeeze, the higher the sound. Download the SNOG Makers' Guide here. Find inspiration and share ideas using the hashtag #snogDIY on Instagram and Twitter.

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